The Advantages of Curiefense

A no-compromise web security solution

Control your traffic. Protect your data. Preserve your privacy.

Take back control

Complete privacy.
Better performance.

Curiefense moves your web security into your network.

Part of your environment

There's no external decryption, logging, or storage of your data. All traffic processing occurs exclusively within your perimeter.

Zero latency

There's no external infrastructure or traffic routing.

Native and fully integrated

Curiefense runs anywhere Envoy can be used, and makes security an inherent part of your network.

All-inclusive protection

Comprehensive security

Everything you could get from a traditional solution is available here, and more.

Unified platform

All-in-one security software suite includes WAF, application-layer DDoS protection, bot management, API security, and more.

Protects all forms of HTTP traffic

Sites, apps, services, and APIs.

Unique solution

Includes a rich set of capabilities not offered by many solutions: content filtering, advanced session protection, JSON payload inspection, human detection and biometric behavioral analysis, and more.

Multivariate and machine-intelligent

Better threat detection

Curiefense uses both negative (threat signatures) and positive (traffic validation) security models.

Intensive Analysis

From deep packet inspection to contextual session assessment to longer-term behavior of individual traffic sources.

Adaptive and Automated

Consumes external threat feeds and auto-updates its security posture as the threat environment evolves.

Machine Learning

Uses UEBA to construct behavioral profiles of legitimate users, and blocks attempts at divergent usage (even from sophisticated hostile bots that mimic human users).

A modern solution

Cloud native and
developer focused

Curiefense is a technology-first platform.

API First

A complete REST API provides full control.

Open Source

No more black-box security products! Curiefense is open source.


Modular platform uses your preferred infrastructure components (storage, metrics, reporting, etc.)

"But my cloud provider already offers a free WAF…"

  • Curiefense does many things that those products don’t.
  • Curiefense runs in many places those products can’t.
  • Curiefense offers privacy that those products won’t.

And there’s no vendor lock-in; you can use Curiefense wherever you want, however you want, with complete control and unsurpassed privacy.

Ready to roll?